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twitchy_rotors's Journal

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Hi! This is ultharkitty's IC journal for playing Vortex on tf_ic_prompts and haven_rp.

This journal only has some of the first person POV fics. My fic journal is lost_carcosa, and my master fic list is here.

I'm using this journal to keep a fandom and random stuff reading list. Just in case you're wondering why I added your journal or community here :) I also use it for commenting on non-rp stuff, which totally isn't an IC thing. If I'm commenting as me rather than the copter, I won't use a character icon.

And because I keep this as a paid journal, I also use it to spam people with vgifts :D Because they're fun :P (this is also totally not an IC thing)


RP stuff

Please note: I'm not very confident unless I'm talking to people I know well. This means I'll generally talk my way out of approaching anyone new. This doesn't mean I don't want to rp with new people, I'm just extremely nervous about making the first move.

IC and OOC permissions meme.

I'm using the IC bits of this journal as a cracky musebox. Feel free to join in :)


Shiny participation banners by zomgitsalaura :D


Equally shiny participation icon by toyzintheattic :D


My muse is so dignified.