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Prompt response - badass

Copter feet and energon
[OOC: This is brought to you by the prompt 'badass' and the moustache twirling school of villainy, and was inspired by Prisoner (rated R, read the warnings before reading the fic) by casusfere (linked with permission).]

Rated R for not-very-graphic torture/violence, non-canon character death and my favourite kind of OC - the sacrificial kind. Also contains drunkenness and mention of smut.Collapse )


7th Nov, 2010

Tastes like battery acid by zomgitsalaua
Apparently, this is revealing... Uh, Smokey probably shouldn't look at this.

Devcon did it, so I kinda had to...Collapse )


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Vortex's Five Most Epic Hangovers, Part 2


Vortex's Five Most Epic Hangovers, Part 1


Copter feet and energon
[Prompt response for 'Love, is it worth it?' on tf_ic_prompts. Set in the Dysfunction AU. Content advice: non-explicit dark themes – including, but not limited to, abduction, slavery and implied noncon]

Love, is it worth it?

That’s an... interesting question.

I'm gonna answer this by sharing something with you. Something that happened back on Cybertron, way before I got put in the box.


Cut for length, 1200 words. WARNING for non-explicit dark themes – including, but not limited to, abduction and implied nonconCollapse )

But yeah, in conclusion - sure, love's worth it. It makes my life a whole lot easier.


6th Jun, 2010

Being an aft at Blast Off
Someone made me spill the high grade. Looking at readyforliftoff here. Hehehe.

...Collapse )


28th May, 2010

Clappyhands by Swindleslog


And yet.


I'd rather seem him deactivated than leave the gestalt.


25th May, 2010

Clappyhands by Swindleslog
Hey look, a thing to write slag in. Could be interesting.

Don't usually keep a log of stuff. It's like that thing Swindle's always talking about. A paper trail. Never give the bastards any reason to pin it on you. But hey, we're stuck in the Nexus and there is no war. It's not like I'm gonna be doing anything to get me in any real trouble. Well... not unless I can be completely sure I won't get found out.

Need a smelting pit...

Eh, anyway. Stuff. About fraggin'. Everyone wants to read about fraggin'.

This week, I found out what sparks taste like.

I, uh, kinda burnt my glossa. And my lips. And my fingers. Uh. Not sure how I burnt the roof of my mouth, but if I've learnt anything in my long and (mainly) eventful life, it's that there are always consequences when you bring something into erotic play that was never intended for it.

Anyway, sparks make the inside of your mouth taste like battery acid for fraggin' ages.

Not what they taste like at the time, mind you... Well, it. Only licked the one.

This totally goes on the list of interesting things I'd like to do again.

[OOC: locked link goes to tf_ic_prompts2]


OOC entry :D

Clappyhands by Swindleslog
Rawr! Hey, this is ultharkitty.

If I've added you using this journal, it's because I'm putting together a fandom only reading list over here.


I'm also going to be keeping a log of stuff wot Vortex is up to over on tf_ic_prompts, because he gets up to a lot and it's becoming hard to keep track of. For the sake of entertainment, I'll be keeping this log IC.